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100 Hp, Mobile Drilling Rig

Specification and Main Parameters

             Electrical Driven Drill Rig ZJ40/2250DB

       Rated Drilling Depth of 3500 m with 127mm (5)DP &  4000 m with 114mm (4-1/2)DP

             Rated Maximum Static Hook Load: 2250KN

             Cantilever Type mast 43m High

             Vertical Self Raising / Lowering Type with Hydraulic Winch

             Capacity of Set Back Board: 4000m (4-1/2DP), 4 stands of 10 DC & 6 stands of 8 DC

       Substructure Floor Height of 7.5m with a Clearance of 6.2m

       Ground Level Completely Assembled Slingshot Type Drawworks

       1000Hp Rated Input Auxiliary Generators 800Kw, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 600v, 0.8PF, 1000 KVA

       Rotary Table ZP275, 27 1/2 Opening, Independent and Single AC Motor Drive, Maximum Rated Static Load: 3150KN

       1360HP Single shaft & one AC Drive Motor        Maximum Fast Line Pull of 280KN

             Solids Control System Total Tank Volume: 135 m3

             Allowable Wind Velocity of 180km/hr

       Lines Strung: 56

       Size of Drill Line: 1 1/4

       Main Engines: 2 CAT 3512 DITA

       Mud Pumps: 2 1300HP

       Crown Block: TC225, 2250KN         Traveling Block: YC225, 2250KN

       Hook: DG225, 2250KN

       Swivel: SL250, 2500KN


       3 Elliptic Motion Shale Shakers

       1 Degasser

       1 De-sander

       1 Desilter

       1 centrifuge

       1 Mud shearing pump



 Corollary Equipment Description

 The Mast

             JJ225/43K is ground assembled with a special cantilever type assembling rack, and can be assembled at low elevation, vertically raised by two hydraulic winches mounted in the substructure, conformance to API 4F, AISI spec for structural steel building and AWS D1.1-2002 structural welding code, suitable for top drive installation.

             K Frame assembly

       Racking Platform

       Ladder Assembly

       Counterbalanced Weight of Power Tongs

       Adjustable Casing Stabbing Board

       Stand Pipe Operation Board

       Bracket of Wire Line Stabilizer

       Wind Walls

       Standpipe Clamps

       Climbing Assistor

       Auxiliary Sheaves

       Tong Sheaves

       2 Air Winch of 0.5t Capacity

       A Set of Connection Pins


       Maximum Static Hook Load: 2250kN with 10 lines strung

       Effective Height: 43 m

       Available Heights of Racking Platform: 24.5, 25.5, 26.5 (m)

       Capacity of Racking Platform: 4500 m of 5 Drilling Pipe, 4 Strands of 10 Drill Collars & 6 Strands of 8 Drill Collars

       Rated Wind Load:

o        No Setback and Full of Hook Load: 36 m/s (70 knots)

o        No Setback and No Hook Load: 47.8 m/s (93 knots, 172,8 km/hr)

o        Raising and Lowering: = 8.3 m/s (16 knots)

The Substructure

             DZ225/7.5 SUBSTRUCTURE, to API 4F

       Bottom Layer

       Top Layer

       Drillers Floor

       Middle Layer Assembly

       Pipe Setback (spreader)

       Rotary Table Frame (spreader)

       Driller and Tool House brackets

       Floor Plates

       Stairs with guards


       Combination of Stair, Ramp, & Guide Track Beneath the Top Floor




       7.5 m High, 6.2 m Clearance

       811.2 (m2) Drilling Floor

       2250KN Rated Maximum Load on the Rotary Table Spreader

       1800KN Rated Maximum Setback Load Applied in Combination with the Rated Rotary Load, with Setback Capacity of 4000 m with 4 1/2 Drill Pipe


         Maximum Input Power of 1100kw (1360Hp), Single Shaft

       Main Brake is a Hydraulic Disc Brake with Crown Block Protector

       Grooved Drum

       The Drum Shaft is Made of Alloy Steel

       The safety Coefficient Meets API Spec 4F

       The ventilated and small air chamber clutches are applied for high and low speed shafting and feature high sensitivity, lower air-consumption, greater torque and longer life

       The Emergency Accident Pins are prepared  for Low Speed Clutch.

       The Upper (Crown saver) and Lower Traveling Block Limit (floor saver) are Automatically Controlled


         Using the VFD control & AC motor drive to realize the very accurate WOB, the WOB tolerance can be kept within 0.5ton. Also, in an emergency, the driller can use the auto-drilling system to trip out of the hole.

Crown Block Protector

             Maximum Fast Line Pull: 280 KN

       Diameter of Main Drum (grooved): 6401302 mm

       Diameter of Drill Line: 1-1/4

       Range of Drilling Penetration:2500-4000 m

       Individual and Totally Enclosed Case Structure

       Movable as an Integrated Unit

       Complete with two sets of pump groups that are stand-by each other; In this system there are two independent sub-circulation oil routes respectively mounted for the service calipers and emergency calipers. In the independent service caliper sub-oil-circulation system there are also two independent oil paths for providing oil for the two groups of service calipers, respectively mounted on two ends of the main drum, decreasing the possibility of failure, With the independent sub-circulation oil route specially mounted for emergency calipers, the holding brake, the crown protector and the emergency braking system can all be utilized. Once the hydraulic pressure is lost, the brake is automatically applied with the emergency calipers, and if the pump groups fail, hydraulic oil can be fed with the accumulator in system into calipers to apply the brakes 4-6 times.



         Meets Requirements of API 8A, 4F

       Maximum Rated Static Hook Load: 2250KN

       5 Sheave (OD of 1120 mm) Grooved for 1-1/4 Drill Line with Gin-Pole Installed

       1 Sheave for Fast Line

       1 1ton Crane

       2 Auxiliary Sheave

       Dimensions: 2935 1320 2300 (mm)

       Weight: 7497KG




       Meets Requirements of API 8A

       Maximum Rated Static Hook Load of 2250KN

       5 Sheave (OD of 1120 mm) for 1-1/4 drilling line

       Dimensions: 30751600800 (mm)

       Weight: 8135 kg



       Meets Requirement of API 8A

       Maximum Rated Static Hook Load of 2250KN

       Opening Size: 220mm

       Working Range of the Spring: 200mm

       Dimensions: 2950890883 mm

       Weight: 3496KG


SL250 Swivel


       Meets Requirements of API 8A

       Static Load of Maximum 2500 KN

       Revolution of 300 rpm

       Service Pressure of 34.3 MPa

       Internal Diameter of Swivel Stem: 75mm(3)

       Connection Threads: 7-5/8 REG LH to Stem 6-5/8 REG LH to Kelly Pipe

       Dimensions: 30151000960 (mm)

       Mass: 3461kg



       Meets Requirements of API 7K

       27-1/2 Opening

       Maximum Rated Static Load of 3550KN

       Maximum Working Torque of 29362NM

       Maximum Revolution Speed of 250rpm

       Gear Ratio: 3.67

       Distance from Table Axis to Center of Inner Row of Sprocket Teeth: 1353 mm

       Weight: 7548kg

       Dimensions: 23901670685(mm)

       Lifting Sling Assembly

       Independent Drive Unit for Rotary Table. The Rotary Table is Driven by a Single AC motor

       One Speed Chain Transmission with Chain Case

       One Inertia Brake

Bushings (Option)


       5 1/4 Kelly Roller Bushing

       2-3/8 - 8-5/8 Insert Bowl

       9-5/8 - 10-3/4 Insert Bowl

       11-3/4 - 13-3/8 Insert Bowl

       20 Bushing

Mud Pumps


       2 1300HP Pumps conforming to API 7K

       Triplex Action Pumps, 1300HP(1176KW)

       Maximum Working Pressure of 35MPa

       Piston Diameters Available: 150 mm, 160 mm, 170 mm, 180 mm

       Maximum Discharge of 46.6L/Sec

       Stroke Speed: 120 spm



       Driven by AC Motor with Narrow V Belts

       1 ea Unit Master Skid with Adjustable Threaded Bolts Used for Adjusting Belt Tension

       1 ea Electrical Motor Drive Spraying Pump

       1 ea Discharge Strainer Cross with Discharge Flange Connection

       4 x 35 MPa Top Pulsation Dampener Connection and End Strainer Connection

       1 ea Discharge Pulsation Dampener, 75L (20 gal) capacity, 35MPa with 4and 35 MPa Connection

       1 ea Relief Valve with Discharge to Active Tank and Matched with Pressure Rating

       1 ea Jib Crane with Trolley Installed and Sized to Handle Fluid End Parts and Pulsation Dampeners

       One set of Quick Change Valves

       Discharge Pressure Gauge and Nitrogen Filling Pressure Gauge

       Charge Pumps with Motors (60Hz)

       Each rig should be provided with one Mud Charge unit, which consists of two (2) charge pumps (ea 55KW) with AC motors (60Hz, speed matched with the charge pump), suction and charge pipeline, control valves for two (2) mud pumps and a skid.

       The electrical charging pumps are connected in parallel with the two mixing pumps in solids control system.

 DH250 Elevator Link


       Meets Requirements of  API 8A

       Rated Capacity: 250 KN


TJC-50A Hoist Winches on rig Floor

       Rated Pull of 50 KN


Air Winch


       Working Pressure: 0.7 MPa

       Maximum Drawing Force: 50 KN

       Maximum Lifting Velocity: 35 m/min

       Air Motor: Rated 15 KW (60Hz), Piston Stroke of 76 mm, with Five Cylinders

       Drum: D of 220 mm, W of 435 mm, with D of Rim of 485 mm

Wire Rope: D of 15.875mm, Length of 70 m

       Mass and Dimension: 418 kg, 1254 (L)900 (W)989 (H) (mm)

       JZG25 Dead Line Anchor (332kg)

       Air winch at racking platform level to aid racking the drill collars (Hoist winches in racking platform rated pull of 1000 lb)

       Escape line from racking platform to ground with all accessories

       Wire line stabilizer unit


Drilling Line


       1-1/4 Diameter

       6X19+IWR EIPS

       1000 m Long

        As per API 9A


Electric Motors & Control Devices


       Equivalent to GE in dimensions, size and performance, one 400KW motor for the rotary table, one 1100KW AC motor for the drawworks, one 1000KW AC motor for the mud pump, and another small AC motor(37KW) for the auto-drilling system

       4 MCC Switchgear

       1 set of copper bus bar and receptacles/ plugs

       1 Protection Devices

       2 Air Conditioners

       1 Resistor box using for dynamic braking of auto-drilling motor

       The MCC control system is divided into several sub-units per the power users and control ways, with control cubicle of drawer configuration that is changeable each other if they belong to same family. These cubicles are applied to operate, start and protect the AC motors and lighting lamps

       A number of power supply loops can be set in conformity with customers requirements

       Drillers electric control panel Constructed by stainless steel, positive pressure and explosion proof

       PLC slave station

       Indication lamps for power restriction, working status of rectifiers and AC motor blowers

       Indicators for power restriction percentage, torque of rotary table

       Operation switches for designating mud pumps, draw-works and rotary table

       Rotary table hand-wheels for torque restriction and speed adjustment

       Alarm Buttons for emergency shut down, silencer and lighting test


Electric Distribution System


       Power contribution system over well site ( solid control, water supply, fuel supply and drill floor area) AC motors rated = 30 KW are started in VFD room and only the explosion-proof starting buttons are left beside motors; AC motors rated = 30KW are controlled locally and power supplied by VFD room

       Cables connected to motors, explosion proof sub-switchgears, normal switchgears


       Start/stop buttons, receptacles/ plugs and Lighting system (60 Hz) including fixtures, receptacles/plugs, cables, fittings and the fluorescent and metal halide type lamps using for rig per relevant standards


       Air supply system The system supplies compressed air to two generator sets, one auxiliary generator and the air winch installed on the drilling platform


       The system includes two (2) auto-control electric drive rotary screw compressors. Pressure range is from 0.7 MPa to 1.2 MPa with capacity of 4.6-6.1 m3/min each (> 100 ft3/min), one refrigerant type dryer, coarse / fine filters, and pipeline net, installed in the rooms; The compressed air container is 2.5 m3


 Solid Control System


       Available effective volume of 135m3

        This system, as an integral unitized package, mainly consists of 3 mud tanks (each 3W 12.5L 3.4H m), and 4-stage treatment device.

        The 1# mud tank is partitioned into three compartments and equipped with three Elliptic motion shale shakers, centrifugal vacuum degasser, two agitators and mud guns, one metering pump with one sand pump on the right side and works as a solid control tank


       The 2# tank is equipped with a desander and desilter cleaner (a combination of hydro-cyclones and screens) with a sand pump on the left. It is able to remove > 40:140m and > 20:43m particles respectively)


       The 3# mud tank is fitted with 1 centrifuge of >2m particle removable and two mixing pumps ea 55 KW, one 45 KW shear pump , two hydro-cyclone type mixing hoppers, drugs feeding devices and mud guns etc, forming the mud preparation section by means of the hydro-cyclone and jet type mixers, the materials such as polymers, clays, bologna stone powder (Blanc fix) etc can be mixed quite well to be the qualified drilling fluid


       The 2# and 3#mud tanks are equipped with three agitators respectively; the mixing pumps on the 3# mud tank can suck mud simultaneously or individually out of the 2# and 3# tanks by the mixing hopper. Treated mud can be sent back to any one of the tanks


       The electrical charging pumps are connected in parallel with the two mixing pumps. Opening the 10 mud valve as required during drilling course, they can also simultaneously or individually suck mud out of the 2# and 3# mud tanks


       Because the solid control system is unitized and the tyre unions, rubber unions and hoses are widely adopted, the system is easy for installation


       3 mud tanks with skid, rimmed and crimped walls, gunning and watering line full length arranged, hummer seal pit union type connection, side wall dumping gates, all pipeline, valve, lever operated suction valve, flow-line and butterfly valve for connection/disconnection between tanks, covered top of removable walkways, and one set of ladders and stairs.


       3GW-1 Elliptic Motion Shale Shakers

       1 set of GW-2 De-Sand/de-Silt Cleaner

       1 ZCQ-1 Vacuum Degasser,

       1 LW450-842n Centrifuge

       Sand Pumps

       Agitators (NJ-15 and NJ-11),

       Charge Pumps for Sand Pump Table

       Mixing Pump

       Shear Pump

       Metering Pump

       Jet Type Mixing Hopper,

       Rotary Mud Gun

       Drug Feeding Device



 High Pressure Mud System


       Single standpipes, 101.6 mm (4) ID35 Mpa Two 4 ID standpipes with gooseneck, with H  shape standpipe manifold.


ZJGH-35S Drilling Fluid Manifold (for double Standpipes)


       Nominal I.D. of through hole: 4

       Practical I.D. of through hole: 94109 mm Working pressure: 35 Mpa Applicable temperature: -29?-121

       Applicable medium: Fresh water, drilling fluid, crude oil, cracking fluid connection manner: union Drive manner of gate valve: manual

       Weight: 6000kg

       Rotary Hoses

       3-1/2ID60 long, 5000 Psi WP


 Fuel Supply System


       1 fuel tank of 50m,input and output indicators

       2centrifugal pump

       Level indicator and manifold

 Drilling Instruments

       SHENKAI produced

       Parameters being monitored and warned:


o        WOB

o        RPM of RT

o        Torque of RT

o        Torque of hydraulic tong

o        SPM of MP

o        Pump Pressure

o        Standpipe Pressure

o        Return Volume of mud to well head

o        Depth of Well

o        (Real-time) Volumes of mud tank and trip tank etc



       Technical requirements applicable:


o        AC supply: 220V20%, 60Hz10%

o        Hook load: 04200KN with the dial (scale or graduated disk) calibrated for 10/20 lines strung

o        Revolution speed of RT: 1-300 rpm

o        Torque of RT: 1-100 KNM

o        Torque of hydraulic tong: 1-200 KNM

o        SPM of MP (1#,2#,3#): 0200 SPM

o        Pump Pressure: 040 MPa

o        Return Volume of mud to well head

o        0100%

o        Level of mud tank 0.255 m

o        Real time Depth of well: 09999 m.

       Accuracy of instruments:

o        Displaying: 2.5%

o        Recording: 10%.



       2 pump stroke

       1 revolution speed of rotary table

       1 encoder of penetration

       1 pressure conversion unit

       1 weight conversion package

       1 torque of rotary table

       1 standpipe pressure

       1 return rate of mud from wellhead

       1 torque of tong

       5 ultrasonic sensor


DAQ (date acquisition unit)


       Including calibration programs and units


       Torque of RT

       Pressures of standpipes

       Torque of tongs

       Stokes of pumps

       Revolution speed of RT

       Return rate of mud from well head

       LCD of E-Drill Watch




       Computer workstation


       UPS cable

       Hydraulic pipes and connections

       Assembly accessories



Water Supply System & Boiler


       Industrial water supply system

       1 set of water tanks with total volume of 80m, two centrifugal pumps and Pipeline

 YM1011 Hydraulic Cathead


       Complete with hydraulic station

       Make up pull of 100 KN

       Break out pull of 130 KN

       The drawing pull can be adjusted as required with correct choice of operation model

       Rated WP = 16 MPa

       Flow rate = 120 L/min

       Drawing traveling distance = 1400, 1620, 1650, 1920 mm


Cathead-cylinder and cathead


       34SM-B20H-T manual-direction-valve with control box connected to hydraulic station

       YK-100 pressure gauge

       Connection assembly

Hydraulic Tong


       ZQ-100, 10 KNM, with hydraulic station

       Applicable pipe OD (in): 3-1/2---8

       Max torque (NM): 100103

       The speed of tong head (Hi) (rpm): 40

       The speed of tong head (Lo) (rpm): 2.73

       Hydraulic system pressure rating (MPa):

o        16.6 Hydraulic system flow rating (L/min)

o        114 Forward extent of tong head (m)

o        1.5 Normal pressure of pneumatic system (MPa)

o        0.5-1 Overall dimensions (mm): 170010001400

o        Weight (Kg): 2400

TQ340-35 Casing tong


       Applicable pipe OD (in): 4---13 3/8

       Max torque highgear:6.0-7.5KN.m

       Max torque low gear: 60-86KN.m

       The speed of tong head (Hi) (rpm)

       60-86 The speed of tong head (Mid) (rpm)

       21-30 The speed of tong head (Lo) (rpm): 2.6-5.3

       Weight 780kg

       Manual Tong B Applicable pipe OD (in): 4---8 1/2

       Rated torque 88.2KN.M


       Hydraulic scissor

       Flotation type caliper of mouse-hole

       Fuel, air and water pipeline system and cable trays


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