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        The rig ZJ40/2250DB is a AC-VFD-AC drive 1000 Hp drilling rig with rated drilling depth of up to 3500m (11483ft) with 127mm (5) DP or 4000m(13123ft) with 114mm (4-1/2)DP. Rated maximum static hook load is 2250KN

       On the basis of comparing different kinds of rigs of a comparable depth, we took the main advantages of different rigs and, at the same time, brought new ideas to the rig. We have received patents for some of the techniques used. With many characteristics such as advanced techniques, small well site footprint, high drive efficiency and the capability of cluster wells drilling, the ZJ40 rig is more suitable for drilling on the smaller well site when necessary. For example when drill in a mountain area, farmland or in the city.


 The main advantages of this rig are as follows:

                The mast is assembled in several sections and lifted vertically so that during rig up, the necessary installation area of the rig is smaller than those assembled horizontally. Additionally, the lifting of the mast and the substructure uses two sets of hydraulic winches and a very small hydraulic pump station, which make the lifting of the mast and the substructure very simple and removes the drawworks from the process.

       The drawworks is fixed on the ground with a separate base (different from a normal rig whose drawworks is installed on the drill floor), so it does not take up any space on the drill floor, which make the operating space on the drill floor very large, and people  working on the drill floor will feel very comfortable and safe.

       The drawworks main brake uses the hydraulic disc brake instead of the traditional band brake, which makes the drillers operation easier (the driller just needs to operate a small hydraulic brake control lever instead the heavy brake handle). Additionally, no parts of the drawworks assembly need water cooling, which makes the rig more suitable for cold climate use.

        The advanced SIEMENS 6SE71 VFD system is used to control all the AC motors used to drive the drawworks, mud pumps, and rotary table providing excellent speed regulation.

        The SIEMENS VFD controlled AC motor driven automatic drilling system is used on this rig.

        When drilling cluster wells, mast, substructure and drawworks move forward and other equipment such as generator house and mud pump stay at their original position.

        The rig design is suitable for top drive system installation.


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