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New Mini – Portable Refineries

We are very pleased to inform you that GLOBAL Equipment and Finance can now offer for sale ‘new’ portable mini refineries in addition to used refurbished refineries.

Global can provide a portable plant ranging from the size of a 1500 B/D – 3000B/D – 5000B/D - 8,000B/D up to a 10,000 BPD portable refinery and in most cases have it ready to ship in less than 6-8 months from date of invoice. Once the buyer provides a LOI outlining the size refinery needed, send back the type crude feed stock (API form) and approves our drawings we can proceed. A purchase agreement will be signed, and a 60% deposit will be made, then Global will have built the portable refinery to the buyer’s size specification. Depending on the size, the plant will be ready in 4 to 8 months! The plants can be installed by the Buyer or by a separate contract arrange for a ‘Turnkey’ installation. The plants are sold ‘where is’ and once ready can be picked up at the plant site.  

The price of a portable refinery will depend on the size plant, the different products required, and the type of crude feedstock used for the plants. A final proposal can be issued once the API form is sent back (attached), a LOI outlying the size plant required along with a bank comfort letter is provided.

 Global’s portable refineries are built using the latest materials plus a new specialized design that allows the construction to take much less time. The smaller plants can be constructed where they are stationary or completely portable. Depending on the crude feed stock, each plant can make several refined products. Attached find an API form to send back.

The plants can be delivered in a quick time frame. The buyer needs to inform our staff of the specific product mix needed, and then a purchase contract has to be signed with funds paid to proceed. The final price will depend on the plant size, and/or a per barrel / per product basis.    

 The main components and vessels are built to new designs by Kaltech, and all the units can be equipped with western operating control systems, valves and pumps, and/or to any other customer specification. There are pictures of a 7500 bpd skid mounted unit recently built for Siberia that can be provided, or we can provide a rendering for the buyer.

 For larger refinery needs, Global can provide ‘stationary’ refineries from 10,000 B/D up to 100,000 B/D. Start small, then enlarge at a later time. The plants are designed for expansion capability when necessary. The time frame depends on several factors, but in most cases plan on approximately 4-6 months for a portable plant, and 10 months to 20 months to fabricate and construct.  Time can be saved if the foundation and civil engineering, environmental is being handled at the same time.  The assembly and start up’ will take 6 to eight months for a larger refinery.  We can beat the current time frame to complete a refinery. Please contact us for further information.

Please follow this link to the Refinery Questionnaire/ API Form.


Best Regards,

James Whitsitt, President.

Please click here to view an example of a  4,000 Barrel per day portable refinery in operation.



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